YukonYCJL Gear Axle Rear Axles YCJL

Yukon Gear & Axle Rear Axles YCJL Yukon Gear & Axle rear axles are part of their extensive line of general replacement and high performance axles for passenger car, truck, and SUV applications. They feature high-quality alloys and the latest in heat-treating technologies to provide strong axles for off-road, street, and track use. Direct-fit replacements are available for dozens of axle models associated with countless cars and trucks. Additional features of Yukon Gear & Axle rear axles include: * One-piece forged 1541H axles are 25 percent stronger than OE 1040/1050 axles * 4340 chromemoly axles are up to 37 percent stronger than other aftermarket axles * Full-floating axles available for select applications * Rolled splines provide 30 percent strength increase over cut splines * Larger spline upgrades available * 2-piece tapered axles available * Offered in many lengths * Wide variety of bolt patterns * Most sold individually * ABS ring included where applicable